Say Goodbye to a job, Start Oline work to earn

Hey! are you tired of your boss’s attitude? are you searching for a job and still jobless? do you want to earn without a job? does your income is not enough to support your wishes? are you searching for how to work online? if your answer is yes then this article of your possible online career is specially designed for you. Read it to the end, try it and you will be amazed to see the result. So stop searching for a job and give a chance to online work with some simple ideas. Hopefully, this 2021 year will be a turning point in your life as for me it’s 2018 when I gave a try to online work and now I am satisfied with my life.

Working online is not a complicated thing. You just have to put some time and effort to search for the best idea which suits your personality and career. You have to spare some hours of your own choice to work online. A best-suited idea and some hard work will lead you to a continuously growing career in the next 2 to 3 months. I am sharing with you some ideas I am using in my life quite successfully.

Stop searching for jobs. work online

Google Adsense

Google is United state based, one of the top technology companies in the world. Either we are a simple user or advanced level developer, we can’t think of anything without google while talking about online work. Google provides a service name Google AdSense. Google Adsense works with an ecosystem in which users, advertisers, and publishers work to gather. Google displays ads on your blog, website, or channel and you will be get paid according to displayed ads on your website and user interaction with your ads. For using AdSense you have to make such a blog that can be approved by Google Adsense and after approval, you can start showing ads on your website.

The mechanism is simple to get approved and get earned. you have to create a blog or a youtube channel or a mobile application for admob. For a blog or for a Mobile application you can hire a developer or you can make it by your own self by just watching tutorials on youtube and practicing them on your laptop. Your content is key, So focus on your content. it must be unique, engaging, and helpful for users. If you are producing engaging and unique content then google Adesene will gladly approve your product for showing ads.

After approval, you have to complete some basic security checks, Like ID verification, Address verification, etc. it may take up to 4 weeks. After completion of these security checks and a Payment threshold of 100 USD, you can transfer your amount to your bank.


Google Adsense is very sensitive about its ecosystem and trust. Hence, While you are working with Google Adsense you have to be careful, as a small mistake can disable your AdSense account and ruin your career. Some major mistake that needs to be avoided are

  • Never use others content in your blog or website.
  • Never miss guid the user
  • Implement proper navigation
  • Avoid accidental ad clicks by write palcement of ads
  • Never violate any police given in adsense policy guide

There are plenty of more Google Adsense policies you have to follow.


Facebook is the most popular social network to which we are all aware. Daily, we are spending a minimum of more than 120 minutes on Facebook scrolling, browsing, and chatting. But we don’t have knowledge that we can make our activity on Facebook profitable and we can make our career while scrolling and chatting on Facebook.

Facebook provides two direct programs to earn online. We can earn from Facebook by posting videos and showing ads on those videos and from instant articles. For both, we have to create our page and start posting or uploading our own created videos or content. After fulfilling the criteria we become eligible for showing ads.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a simple online work in which you promote any company or product of a company and get paid a commission. Different companies like Amazon, Ali baba, Daraz, etc are providing an affiliate program in which they provide you a large number of products to sell. After each successful sale, you will get your commission according to the product. For Affiliate marketing, you don’t need extensive knowledge of marketing or computer. you just have to promote the product, either on your website, social media page, profile, group, or on your youtube channel.

If you have chosen affiliate marketing as your online career you must have to choose a solid affiliate program provider. I refer to Amazon affiliate program, as Amazon is one of the top affiliate program providers around the globe. Develop a strategy wisely for promoting products online, For this purpose blog and youtube channels are the best choices according to me. Chose the products you want to promote, search market, Write an authentic review of the product to motivate users. that’s it.

The payment process is simple. just after successful sale and sale verification commission amount is immediately sent to your bank account. Affiliate marking is a very successful program through which people earn thousands of dollars weekly.


If you have any skills like graphic designing, programming, content writing, accounting, marketing, or any other, then you should have to work as a freelancer. Freelancers are available to hire online and perform their work according to instructions or projects and get paid after successful project completion. Different business needs to perform a different task. For each task they are not able to permanently hire a person. So they need freelancers to perform some specific tasks.

There are different platforms where you can register yourself as a freelancer. Some of them are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are most popular around the globe. In each second there are thousands of projects are posted on these freelancing platforms. The job may be as much simple as writing a simple application and as much complicated as designing a search engine. It depends upon you, for which job you are bidding on and which project you satisfy your client so that they assign you that project.

Content Writting

There are billions of websites available online and billions of articles are updated daily. These article needs to be unique, updated and authentic. For this purpose, the website hires those content writers who can write engaging content according to their needs. There are billions of topics too for which content writing is needed.

If you want to be a content writer, then first improve your typing speed, update your knowledge and develop the habit of research. This job can easily be found, You just have to search a website on the topic you have a firm grip and extensive updated knowledge. Contact them through a contact form, contact information, etc, and get hired.